Wilshere Avenue childhood memories – Brian Gilson

2013-08-21 09.57.18Brian Gilson was born in 1943 and spent most of his childhood living in 66 Wilshere Avenue. He has many fond memories and anecdotes of playing in St Stephen’s field where cattle from St Julian’s farm grazed. He remembers the coronation, playing behind the shop fronts in Vesta Avenue, the King Harry pub, playing in a disused air raid shelter in the garden of the Nicholson family, and even finding stolen goods in the hedgerows. He talks about father who worked at the gasworks. His talks about his mother who was born in Albert Street.

Interview date: 21 August 1013. Interviewer: Sandy Norman.


  1. sheila greenall

    Hello Sandy my grandmother was one of the frist people to move in to 30 wilshire ave i was born at 30 wilshire ave they passed away in that house i have so many memories growing up there regards sheila shears Greenall


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