Ice house on the golf course – Bill Mackenzie

Bill MackenzieOn the golf course, near Sopwell Gate Lodge, there is a spinney where residents recall that there used to be some kind of brick building. This fascinated the children who played there. It appears to have been a brick built structure with a wooden door and is likely to have been an ice house. However the children thought it was a tunnel which led to the abbey or to the nunnery ruins. They said could walk for 30 yards inside before it got too dark to see. However, the city archaeologist says that it could not have been a tunnel so the ice house theory is the most likely. Nothing is there today which can prove exactly what it was but there is a very deep and wide hollow where the copse is and pieces of concrete were found. This is what Bill Mackenzie had to say.

Interview date: 23 April 2010. Interviewer: Sandy Norman.

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