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St Stephen’s 1851 – 1911

The following description of the people who lived in the area around St Stephen’s Church is derived from the census returns from 1851 to 1911. Watling Street is not mentioned. People who lived in that area were just living in… More about ‘St Stephen’s 1851 – 1911′»

Wartime memories of living in Tavistock Avenue

Val Goodyear-Burrow was born in 1938. She lived at 79 Tavistock Avenue during the war years and can recall specific memories of wartime: shelters, blackouts, gas masks and air-raid sirens. She also remembers watching the gliders coming from the Handley… More about ‘Wartime memories of living in Tavistock Avenue’»

Wilshere Avenue childhood memories – Brian Gilson

Brian Gilson was born in 1943 and spent most of his childhood living in 66 Wilshere Avenue. He has many fond memories and anecdotes of playing in St Stephen’s field where cattle from St Julian’s farm grazed. He remembers the… More about ‘Wilshere Avenue childhood memories – Brian Gilson’»