Our Sopwell History Walks leaflets

Sopwell History Walks LeafletsWe have published a set of Sopwell History Walks leaflets to encourage visitors to explore Sopwell and learn a little about its history.

Many of you will be aware that, each year, we organise a walk around our area. These popular walks which explore our history and green spaces started several years ago, and there has always been a lot of interest in them. So, in our request for a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund for the Sopwell Memories project, we asked for some money to print walk leaflets. And these are the result!

The five short and fairly easy circular walks were beautifully produced by Diverse Print and Design, the company which also did our book Sopwell: a history and collection of memories. And our own Barry Bateman has drawn by hand a beautiful map in each, so you shouldn’t get lost.

The leaflets are no longer available  but you can view or download them below.

If you haven’t explored Sopwell yet, now there is no excuse. Go walking!


History walk leaflets in PDF format (under 2MB each)

Sopwell History Walk 1 – The Churchill Connection

Sopwell History Walk 2 – The Farming Connection

Sopwell History Walk 3 – The Tudor Connection

Sopwell History Walk 4 – The Holy Well Connection

Sopwell History Walk 5 – The Norman Connection




    • John wooding

      Hello Brian . Did you ever attend the Sea Cadets at the bottom of Holly Well Hill ? I remember a chap that was a few years older than me with your name , I remember lending him my 45 of Hey Jude , this would have been early 1970s


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