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Our More Memories of Sopwel blog is where we are keeping a record of all things related to our project, as and when it happens.

The blog is our project diary, containing:

  • progress and milestones
  • special events
  • thoughts and reflections
  • new things discovered about Sopwell
  • requests for help
  • etc.

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  1. Natalie

    This is a great site, well done! I find it fascinating and it is amazing how much history is around us that we kind of take for granted and ignore because we are used to it. The Hatfield to St. Albans railway was interesting.

  2. Julia Merrick

    I was pleased to see the blog about milk bottles. Memories of life on St Julian’s farm are remembered by the Muir family descendants. Stephen Muir recalls
    ‘Milking involved a long day, five in the morning and three to three-thirty in the afternoon. Young stock cattle and dry cattle (not milking) were kept in loose boxes or in a field. Dairy cows each had a stall when they came in with food, salt and water. Milking was all done by hand: there were at least three milkers with three legged stools that went from cow to cow. Electricity was only put in about 1947. The motor of the milking machine was in a sealed bucket. The top was attached to four teat cups, there was pulsating suction for attaching and sucking out milk, and milk went into a container for weighing. The output of each cow was weighed as the feeding of the cow depended on it.’

    I would love to know if the farm workers of those days passed on stories of old to their grandchildren. Families by name were Barrett, Bean, Childerley, Hadley, MacNally, Seabrook, West, Whiting and Worbey. Others unknown may just have done seasonal work. It would be a shame if I cannot include their stories in our history of St Julians. Can anyone put me in touch please?


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