Memories of St Stephen’s Vicarage and Rev. Hart-Synnot – Brian and Brenda Gilson

2013-08-21 09.57.18Brian and Brenda Gilson remember St Stephen’s vicarage. Brian used to go scrumping there. They also recall the eccentric Rev. Anthony Hart-Synnot who often performed weddings in his football boots.

Interview date: 21 August 2013. Interviewer: Sandy Norman.



  1. Peter Head

    Hi. Just came upon your brilliant site.
    My name is Peter Head and I lived at 1 Monks Close .Cottonmill Lane with my sister Margaret with our parents Evelyn and Cyril from 1952 to 1970. Mum stayed on until the mid 90,s. Our neighbours were the Fields, Wilsons, Cutlers and across the road were the Fosters ( Vic and Susan) and the Days.
    So many memories.
    I’ve been playing the oral posts to Mum in her nursing home ( she is now 96!) from Mrs Cutler re the Farm and the Blower sisters. They used to scare hell out of me!
    I remember St Peters School, the river, swimming baths the Nunnery and Joss Pearses scrap yard. Tree houses at the back over the river and rope swings plus so,so much more.
    Thank you again for this site and opening up windows on many happy and content times.


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