Beer and entertainment – Grant Peerless

Grant peerlessGrant was born in 1943 and spent his early years living in the North Western Hotel on the corner of Holywell Hill and Prospect Road which later became the Abbey Tavern. Grant share his memories of the beer and soft drinks and the people who provided the entertainment.

Interview date: 12 February 2014. Interviewer: Andrew Johnstone.



  1. Peter Ninnim

    Is this the same Grant Peerless who’s band I played in around 1962/3? He was a very good guitarist. We played in West London mostly. If so I should like to hear from him, I’m still playing drums. Peter Ninnim, then known as Pete Patrick.

    • Grant Peerless

      Hi Peter – yes, its me! I do remember playing with you in the early sixties and glad to hear you are still at it – I gave up when I got married in 1965 but have kept my guitar and still have the occasional strum. I have now taken up the ukulele and joined the U3A uke group but finding it difficult as my fingers are stiffening up! Its good to hear from you after 50 years.

      Kind Regards

  2. Colin Coke

    Hello Grant, I’m glad the time we spent learning to play the guitar in your bathroom payed off. I took your place in the Nightspots dance band in St. Albans in 1963 and played with them until 1965 when I went off to Brighton to do my teacher training.
    Love to hear from you,

  3. Mike Read

    Dear Grant, Are you one of the organisers of the Grammar School reunion on Sept 9th mentioned in the Herts Ad this week. If so I would love to attend, how do I get a ticket?

    • Grant Peerless

      Hi Mike

      Yes, I am that person named in the Herts Ad article! The reunion is for the intake of 1954 only and we’re concentrating on the 5th year classes of 1959. If you belonged to this year you would be most welcome to attend the celebrations.

      Grant Peerless

  4. raymond hanley

    Hello Grant. I also lived in St Albans at No/5 Prospect Road, I remember playing with you at the Great Western and your Mother giving us orange juice drinks, I also remember going on a picnic to the Grand Union Canal at Hemel Hempsted or Berkhamsted in your Mothers Austin car with her making up a big picnic basket.
    Regards, Ray

  5. Megan McLean

    Hello Grant.I remember the many times we played together in The Great Western ,especially getting into big trouble on a very hot day when we used your family fish pond as a good place to keep cool.
    Happy Childhood Memories,Regards Megan.


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