Memories of the Westminster Lodge and Prospect Road area – Grant Peerless

Grant peerlessGrant was brought up in the North Western Hotel in the 1940s and 1950s. He talks about what the area around was like in those days. He remembers the army camp where Westminster Lodge is today, Mud Lane and Brown’s farm. He remembers seeing the Queen going to the Abbey, the veterinary practice on St Stephens Hill, the trains, milk deliveries, his friends who lived in Prospect Road and St Julians Road and the shops nearby. He also talks about the petrol filling station which used to be on Holywell Hill.

Interview Date: 12 February 2014. Interviewer: Andrew Johnstone.


  1. Lindsay

    What a lovely interview! Grant and I must be around the same age. I lived at 65 Holywell Hill from 1952-64 (and then Harpenden Road). I also remember Mud Lane, Brown’s Farm, Godfrey and Smith’s garage and all the other places he mentions. Some great memories there!


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