Rescuing the Holy Well – Brian Welch

Brian resizedIn the 1980s, the playing field land south of Belmont Hill was set aside for development. There were plans to build a hotel on the site but there was no mention of the Holy Well in the plans. This led to many complaints in the local press and suggestions that the well be discovered and preserved. A local dowser claimed to have found the site and a resident whose garden backed on to the site also claimed to have found the well by referring to an old map and the colour of the grass compared to its surroundings.  Still nothing was done about it and it looked as if the needs of the commercial developers were paramount. Because of the failure to act by the council, some local residents took it upon themselves to organise an unofficial dig. Brian Welch was one of those local residents. This is his story.

Interview date 31 March 2014. Interviewer: Sandy Norman

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