Working on the Abbey roof – Brian Welch

Brian resizedWhen Brian was an apprentice for T.A.Kings, one of his tasks was to help install a lead rainwater pipe on the roof of St Albans Abbey. He is very proud of this work and that he climbed on the tower to scratch his initials.

Interview date: 31 March 2014. Interviewer: Sandy Norman

Brian working on Abbey 1963

Brian working on Abbey 1963


  1. Derek Upton

    I too worked on The Abbey roof and lead work when I was with S.A.Hopkins Plumbers & my name is on the top of the tower. ‘Elf n’ Safety’ would have kittens if they had seen George Wright refitting the lead rainwater heads on thetop side of the nave balanced on a ladder with a rope around his chest and me belaying him over the parapet. I see they are still there over 60 years later so he did a good job. Tom King must have taken over the Abbey work after I came to New Zealand in 1958.


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