Church Lads Brigade – Mike Titchiner

IMG_4303One of Mike’s friends persuaded him to join the choir which was part of the Church Lads Brigade – even though he couldn’t sing! It was there that got to know the Reverend Hart-Synnot very well. Choir practice was in the Nissen hut in Abbots Avenue, where St Julian’s Church is now. Mike remembers Hart-Synnot and his eccentric ways with great fondness. He was always calling at their house at mealtimes. The Rev was expert at  hailing cars and persuading drivers to drive the boys to various places. Mike recalls a memorable trip to Markyate, the Sunday night church services where the rockers demanded that they sing Onward Christian Soldiers, and the damage they did to the vicarage.

Interview date: 12 May 2014. Interviewer: Sandy Norman

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