Trainspotting – Mike Titchiner

IMG_4303Mike shares his memories of watching the steam trains go by. As well as watching the local trains, he went as far afield as Watford and London.

Interview date: 12 May 2014. Interviewer: Sandy Norman.


  1. Terry Fellowes

    I think I know, or knew, Mike Titchiner about 50 years ago. We lived around the corner in Cottonmill Lane, almost opposite the lane down to the Blowers Farm – and were those ladies scary! I can remember the ponds at the bottom of the lane and the trees that had fallen into them that we climbed on until we fell in and got “bootfulls”! I went to St.Peters and the walk going was always broken with a stop at the bridge by the swimming pool just to look and see what was happening while the walk home was finished by sliding down the steep banks of the slopes of the bridge that went over the railway. What fun that was but so long ago. I can remember lots of other bits and pieces if you need them and would be pleased to contribute.
    Thanks for putting this site up.

  2. David Stokes

    Very interesting website which brings back many happy memories for us.

    I wonder if you could help. We used to live in Napsbury Lane. We are trying to remember the name of the company that used to own the factory and sports field where the North Orbital Trading Estate now is.

    Best Regards,



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