19th St Albans Scouts – Tony Prior

Tony PriorTony Prior lived opposite the shops in Abbots Avenue West. He was a leader of the 19th St Albans Scout troop which used to meet in a wooden hut behind the shops until the took back the land and built the garages. The 19th group is one of two groups of scouts in Sopwell. He talks about the group and what they got up to, including camping down by Sopwell House. The group eventually folded mainly because of a lack of voluntary and parental support.

Interview date 17 October 2013. Interviewer: Andrew Johnstone.




  1. Geoff Wayman

    My dad was Mo Wayman. I was a cub and scout in the 19th until we moved away in the early 70’s. I remember all who were there at that time.

  2. Colin smith

    I was at the 19th from 1960 to 1966, I remember Don stone, tony prior n bill notley (nocker) also the wilks family. I was scout, senior, and rover with Jack smith (leader) I went to most of the camps.Inc bonigen switzerland with the district scouts in 1965 it was a wonderful period in my life. I live in wellingborough. Now. My goodness what have they done to good old snorbans? Kind regards Colin smith

  3. Harry Brampton

    I was with the 19th from early 50’s till early 60’s I remember the camps at Gorhambury and the expeditions to Austria. We all became members of the Austrain alpine club so we could use the alpine huts.


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