Memories of Sunday schools and dancing – Sue Bentley

Sue Bentley croppedSue attended the Sunday school in the butcher’s shop in Vesta Avenue run by Miss Welton, which later moved to the tin hut in the alleyway behind Tavistock Avenue. She left that Sunday school and moved to the one in the Baptist Church in Abbots Avenue with her friend Pat Simmonds,whose father was a Minister there. Sue also remembers going to dances in the hut behind St Julian’s Church which was opposite the Baptist Church. There were also dances organised by St Stephen’s Church in the Cavalier hall in Watford Road.

Interview date: 9 December 2013. Interviewer: Sandy Norman


  1. Alan Lawson

    Re Cavalier hall, I started school there when there was an old (at the time) school building in front of the hall. At the time it was called St. Stephens infants school.
    It had two classes, the teachers names were Miss Brookes and Mrs or Miss Roberts
    Miss Brookes lived half way up Holywell Hill.
    One winter (about 1937) I was the only pupil who turned up due to heavy snow.
    I also remember Miss Weltons Sunday school when she held it in her home in Tavistock Ave.


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