Living in Ramsbury Road – Anne Wares

Anne WaresAnne Wares was born in New York, USA in 1943. She and her husband moved into Ramsbury Road in 1969. She has researched the area where she lives and has produced a booklet called A History of Priory Park (Approach , Cornwall , Ramsbury and Riverside Roads) available from St Albans Museum. Here she is talking about living in that neighbourhood and the changes she has seen.

Interview date: 29 October 2013. Interviewer: Rick Taylor.


  1. Chris Bowles

    Hi Anne, I remember you and enjoyed hearing your interview, particularly about corner shop/post office. My parents, Ken and Pat Bowles ran the post office until 1982. It was centre of community. Happy days! I would love to have a chat. Kind regards
    Chris Bowles

  2. Yvonne Adamson

    Hello Anne, I hope you don’t mind my writing via this site. I am trying to contact your sister Gill who was my flatmate for two happy years and my good friend in Leeds in the1970s. If you have any news on Gill or were able to pass on my number, I’d be very grateful. +44 (0)7714824235. With best wishes and thanks for any help, Yvonne.

    • Anne Wares

      Hello Yvonne, I’m so sorry to have to tell you that Jill died just two weeks ago. She had been ill for several years with lung cancer, amazingly surviving much longer than expected, but succumbed to pneumonia. My other three sisters and our families had just been having a Zoom Easter/Memorial get together, and then I saw your message. I wish I had seen it earlier, but I hope you won’t mind if I copy it to the family. It was wonderful to hear from someone who also cared for her. Thank you and best wishes, Anne


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