From the USA to Ramsbury Road – Anne Wares

Anne WaresAnne Wares, born in New York, outlines the adjustments she had to make when she settled in the UK and moved to Ramsbury Road in the early 1960s. Very few houses in the UK had central heating, refrigerators or telephones at that time, which were commonplace in the USA. She was amazed that houses in areas like Riverside Road and Keyfield Terrace did not even have electricity. A true American, Anne decided she was not going to go without certain commodities such as mayonnaise and pumpkins. These were unavailable in St Albans, so she had to travel to London to buy them in Fortnum and Mason. Eventually her husband grew the pumpkins. In the 1960s, estate agents considered the Riverside Road area to be an unsavoury place to live which just goes to prove how wrong they were.

Interview date: 29 October 2013, Interviewer: Rick Taylor.


  1. Christine Calabrese

    Is this the daughter of the late Rudolf Flesch? If so, could you somehow have her email me? We are interested in reviving her fathers book, “Teaching Johnny to Read,” I believe it would help a lot of parents right now!


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