Working as a precision engineer – Noel Godman

Noel Godman, born 1927Noel Godman and his father, uncles and brother were talented engineers. His father worked at Mercers Chronometers where he was supervisor, and one of his roles was to check the master clocks on some of the famous ships of the line : the Empress of Britain, Queen Mary, and Queen Elizabeth. Noel’s father wanted Noel to train as an engineer as well but he would not let him join Mercers. Instead he did his apprenticeships in other St Albans engineering companies making dial gauges and watch lathes. Noel recalls his working life.

Interview date: 1 August 2013. Interviewer: Andrew Johnstone.


  1. Lindsay

    When I was a little girl living in Holywell Hill in the 50s there was a Mr Godman living in one of the lilttle cottages in Grove Road. Would he have been a part of this family?


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