St Julian’s farm – Val Goodyear-Burrow

IMG_4282Val shares her memories of St Julian’s farm, now the Tithe Barn estate, in Watling Street.

Interview Date: 29 January 2014. Interviewer: Sandy Norman

St Julians farm

St Julian’s farm Watling Street with Vesta Avenue in foreground 1949


  1. Leigh Horton

    That lovely barn, now in dismantled storage at the Chiltern Open Air Museum since 1962, was an ‘aisled’ barn – the largest of only 5 such barns in Herts. It was built in the late 1300’s, during the reign of the last Plantagenet king, Richard II, and was originally used to store produce harvested by the Abbey monks. The tithes (taxes) collected from that were used to fund the leper hospital (possibly named after St Julian) where St Bartholomew’s church now stands. So wonderful to hear memories of it and also to see the aerial photo! I wrote a short article on the barn for the old Hertfordshire Countryside magazine back in 1996 but have never seen it ‘in situ’. What a treat! 🙂


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