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St Peters classroom early 1960sThis Sopwell Memories website contains a wealth of information, including original images and oral history recordings, for teachers and students to use for school projects on local history.

Like the Sopwell History book, it contains a fascinating mixture of formal history and informal recollections from people who have lived in the area and know it well. This website complements the Sopwell History book so it is suggested that both be used together.

Here are just a few suggestions of posts to search for topics. There are many more.

Childhood play:

Wartime recollections:

The prefabs:

Shopping in the 1940s and 1950s:

School days:

Sports and recreation:


Sopwell people:





  1. Tim Slaughter

    Interesting site! I would like to see more on the history of Sopwell House, I’m hoping some of that is on the book. But not much on the internet. I was born and raised at Laundry Cottage just opposite New Barnes Mill and my parents lived there from the mid 1940’s I believe. I did work part time as a lad at Sopwell Home Farm and went to Mandeville School. I remember the prefabs down Holyrood Crescent and used to catch slow worms there. I think I have a few photo’s of the River Ver and surrounding area taken in the latex 70’s and also have a book called “The River Ver at St Albans” which was published by the St Albans Civic Society and published by the Campfield Press, not sure what year though. The book describes the walk along the River Ver from the Fighting Cocks Pub to Park Street.
    Anyway I now live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and will keep an eye on this site as it hopefully grows. Best wishes – Tim Slaughter

    • Sandy Norman

      Thanks for your comments and memories, Tim. There is a lot more about Sopwell House in the book which you can now buy online. See the link.

  2. Jane Hale

    Looking for any information on the Mitchell Close Prefabs, Dad coming back from Oz to celebrate his 80th (we lived in Mitchell Close 1958-1969) and would like to collate information for him…any ideas please? can’t seem to find out much on the internet….thanks Jane (going to buy the Elizabeth Blanchet book about Prefabs for him for Christmas)

    • Sandy Norman

      Hi Jane
      I wrote quite a bit about the Mitchell Close prefabs in Sopwell: a history and collection of memories. Perhaps you could buy him a copy when he comes over. See under Our publications for details on how to get it.


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