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Wartime memories of living in Tavistock Avenue

Val Goodyear-Burrow was born in 1938. She lived at 79 Tavistock Avenue during the war years and can recall specific memories of wartime: shelters, blackouts, gas masks and air-raid sirens. She also remembers watching the gliders coming from the Handley… More about ‘Wartime memories of living in Tavistock Avenue’»

Childhood in Tavistock Avenue – Sue Bentley

Sue Bentley, born Sue Newton in 1938, lived in Tavistock Avenue for thirty years and shares her childhood memories of playing in and around that area. She remembers playing on the little grass islands in the avenue, the fields by… More about ‘Childhood in Tavistock Avenue – Sue Bentley’»

Why I like living in Tavistock Avenue – Tony Picciuto

Many people will recognise Tony Picciuto who owns the award winning Buongiorno Italia shop in Lattimore Road. Tony’s parents were born in Italy and came to St Albans in 1966. The family moved about a lot in the city. At… More about ‘Why I like living in Tavistock Avenue – Tony Picciuto’»