Fatal accident on the railway line – Adelle Stapleton

Adelle croppedAdelle recalls the sad tale of how one of her school friends who lived at the Mandeville Children’s home was killed near the level crossing. The home was closed in 2001 and demolished to make way for Remus Close.

Interview date:26 March 2014. Interviewer: Sandy Norman


  1. Trevor Foster

    Well, my both Philip I were there after arriving form then Rhodesia in about (but not sure) 1964-1970 I think. Reading about Terry, I lost my pocket money for swearing, so swore again and lost it for the next week. He took us out once in the car and on the round about I open the back door to see the road – you can guess what happened.

      • Trevor Foster

        Wow, I dint remember yo specifically I am sorry to say. Philip seems to remember everything mind you. How long were you there?

        • Jon Cowen

          Terry was my Dad Trevor. We lived in the flat above the garage when you were there along with my mum, Meg and my older brother Michael. I did have younger brother, David but he would not have been born when you were there.


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