Watercress industry in Park Street – Roy Pinnock

Roy PinnockThe Pinnock family had a smallholding and also grew watercress in Burydell Lane Park Street. Unlike the beds in Riverside Road, these were purpose built using concrete walkways. Roy Pinnock talks more about the business which wasstarted by his grandfather. Roy also talks about his great grandfather who was a bit of a drinker. He was in agriculture and kept cattle in Verulamium long before the lake was built.

Interview date: 4 April 2013. Interviewer: Sandy Norman.


  1. Peter Church

    My mum and dad and sisters lived in abbots ann during the Second World War picking water cress. I was wondering if any one remembers them?
    Wally and Edith church
    With 3 young girls heather poppy and ann

  2. Richard Durrant

    As a boy in the 1960’s I had to go down Burydell Lane and get watercress for my mum. There was a large shed on the right hand side and I would go in, pick up the bunch of cress and leave the money on the table while I could see the men working in the beds.

  3. Mary James

    We lived in Mount Drive, Park Street in the early ’50s and I remember my Mum walking us down to Mr (Doug?) Pinnock’s watercress beds. We loved to run along the concrete walkways. Our favourite sandwiches were Marmite and watercress on Hovis bread! My Mum swore that our thick heads of hair were the result of eating plenty of watercress. Never tasted watercress likeit since.


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