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Hatfield – St Albans Railway (Alban Way)

The Great Northern Railway (GNR) line from St Albans to Hatfield was opened on 16th October 1865 but there had been plans to construct this branch line much earlier than that. Local landowners were encouraged to form an independent company… More about ‘Hatfield – St Albans Railway (Alban Way)’»

Living in De Tany Court – Jennifer Taylor

De Tany Court was the housing development built on what was the St Albans school playing field off Belmont Hill. Jennifer and her husband, Rick, moved there from Grange Street via King Harry Lane.  She shares her love of living… More about ‘Living in De Tany Court – Jennifer Taylor’»

Living in Holyrood Crescent – Jenny Huggard and Jose Sena

Jenny and Jose and their family moved into the area fairly recently and describe why they like living in Holyrood Crescent. They like the lovely open spaces and the friendly community. Holyrood Crescent held a street party for the Queen’s… More about ‘Living in Holyrood Crescent – Jenny Huggard and Jose Sena’»