Sopwell in the ‘olden days’ Fred Edwards and Sandy Norman

Fred and Sandy went along to St Peter’s School to be interviewed by the younger pupils. Although the questions are very basic the answers give an insight into what Fred and Sandy like about Sopwell.

Interview date: 10 May 2014. Interviewers: Pupils from St Peter’s School, Cottonmill Lane, St Albans.


  1. Rita

    Hi Everybody.

    I am trying to get some info on Westminster Lodge House., which was on Holywell Hill. I have found records of it being more St Stephens Hill from 1878- 1933. Which is quite a while, I can find occupier Mr Edward Walter martin or maybe the other way round. Another is St Stephens Hill House ( located where the leisure centre is now).. This was occupied by Lt col Albert Prescott (1933). But I can find out no more I wonder if anyone has more information. It would interest me greatly. Thanks

  2. Rita

    Just to continue about Westminster Lodge House. After some research it seems Westminster Lodge House and Trevelyan House are one and the same, it’s name was changed when taken over by the YHA in 1960s.It is still there, now part of the housing development on St Stephens Hill. I have been unable to find out anything about St Stephens House. It is listed 1878 possibly prior to that date, and disappeared between 1949 and 1952.It was probably demolished to make way for the leisure centre.
    Not really sure when that was built, I thought it was nearer 1960. Any other ideas.


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