Pinnock family memories – Roy Pinnock

Roy PinnockRoy Pinnock whose family had watercress beds in Riverside Road and Park Street, tells some stories about his father, Doug Pinnock. Doug was one of twelve children: six sons and six daughters and they lived in a two bedroom house in Albert Street. During the war they kept pigs and chickens down Riverside Road. Roy also talks about his grandmother, Ada Annie, and her father, Charles Thrussell, Roy’s great grandfather. Charles worked for Sopwell farm, (Little Sopwell farm) in the second half of the 19th century. He started work aged five scaring birds.

Interview date: 4 April 2013. Interviewer: Sandy Norman.


  1. Beverley earnshaw

    Hi, my name is Beverley nee Archer and I lived with my grandparents Minnie and Tom Bailey in Albert Street. My nana’s sister, Auntie Doll, was married to Len Pinnock. I remember the watercress beds very well. Bev


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