Pearce’s scrap yard – John Buckingham

John BuckinghamThe St Albans firm, Pearce Recycling, started off as scrap merchants with several yards throughout the city. One of these yards was in front of the ruins of Sir Richard Lee‘s Tudor house in Cottonmill Lane. John Buckingham remembers playing there as a child. He and his friend Jean Riley came up with an idea to collect rags to sell to Pearce’s to raise funds for the East cost flooding in 1953. They received a box of Smartie’s each and their story made headlines in the Herts Advertiser.

Interview date: 14 December 2011. Interviewer: Sandy Norman.


  1. Alan roe

    I worked for Josh Pearce .I think it called Albert St a road of holy well hill it ran beside Ryder’s total hall this was 55 years ago time fly’s Alan roe


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