Memories of a milkman – Michael Clark

2013-07-03 11.14.20Michael Clark was born in St Michael’s village in 1942. He left school to become a milkman and within a month of starting the job, the family moved to Cottonmill Crescent. At that time, there used to be three dairies in St Albans: Express – which took over Kingsbury dairy- St Albans Co-op and Oakley’s, which took over the dairy which operated out of St Julian’s farm run by the Muir family. Michael describes the changes in the industry over the years: the move from horse and cart to electric vans, the milk bottles and recycling, the milk rounds and the number of milkmen employed by the dairies. Michael also tells some amusing and entertaining stories about other milkmen and his customers.

Interview date: 3 July 2013. Interviewer: Sandy Norman.

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