Living in Sopwell Gate Lodge – Mrs Terry

Mrs Betty Terry, born Betty Giddings in 1919, lived in Sopwell Gate Lodge in Cottonmill Lane for a few years from when she was about 9 years old. Her father worked as a cowman on Brown’s farm which was Sopwell Home farm. She talks about the living conditions and Major and Lady Barnett who lived in Sopwell House. Betty drew a splendid map to explain where the landmarks were.

Interview date: 20 May 2010. Interviewer: Sandy Norman.


  1. Janet Knight

    So lovely to see picture of my father Richard Knight and his father with the farm workers.

    I have many good memories of growing up In Ccottonmill..

  2. Nick Terry

    Hello, i’ve just discovered this site, and it was so lovely to hear my late mother’s (Betty Terry) voice again!!… I am her youngest son (60 now!) and I remember her doing these interviews with you, but I didn’t know that you also made voice recordings too!.. so I would just like to say an immense thank you for preserving her memories & wonderful recollections of her younger days!!…
    Thank you.
    Nick Terry.


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