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William Longmire

William Longmire (1812 – 1887) was a builder. His business was in London but he had connections with St Albans and at one point owned two houses in Prospect Road, numbers 23 and 25. He lived on and off in number 25,… More about ‘William Longmire’»

Mercer Chronometers

Mercers was a family run marine chronometer manufacturing business. The firm started in 1858 in Clerkenwell London by the founder, Thomas Mercer. Thomas was born in St Helen’s Lancashire in 1822. St Helen’s was said to be the centre of… More about ‘Mercer Chronometers’»

Cottonmill Club

A social club, called the Cottonmill Club, was launched in 1970s to provide community facilities for the residents of the new Cottonmill and St Julian’s estates. Membership was by subscription and in its heyday it attracted over 2,000 members. It… More about ‘Cottonmill Club’»